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Full Program

Nocturne 1

Nocturne 1
Nocturne 1

Friday, December 10, 2021
6:30 pm

Stream Hall


(taxes and fees included)

"Nocturne 1," the first day of the Nocturne program series which will take place over three days in Shibuya Stream Hall, comprises of "Low," a performing arts work created by the team of Saskia, dancers Kana Kitty and Yumi Sagara, and light director Hitoshi Sato, which will be performed for the first time, as well as a collaborative audiovisual live performance by producer Lemna and visual artist Kaori Yasunaga, and the special concert "FLOW," an immersive sound experience created by Wata Igarashi using d&b soundscape, to be held for the first time. Finally, JACKSON kaki, who was selected from MUTEK.JP open call for young creators, will be performing a groundbreaking live performance in which he creates music while playing a self-made VR game.

MUTEK - Event Placeholder