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Wata IgarashiJP

Wata Igarashi<sup>JP</sup>
Wata IgarashiJP
Nocturne 1

12.10 | 6:30 pm
LIVE: 10:00 pm

Wata Igarashi has developed a clear sound of his own. He brings together the euphoric and psychedelic, with his music standing out for its crystalline structures and shimmering intensity. Igarashi’s distinctive take on techno is on display across a series of EPs on Midgar and The Bunker NY, as well as on Semantica, Time to Express, and Bitta. Recent standout remixes of Aurora Halal, Volte-Face and Prins Thomas have further demonstrated his considerable talents as a producer. The same mentality is present in his performances, whether DJing or playing live, with his measured control of frequencies and intensities shaping the dancefloor as he explores the more psychedelic dimensions of techno. In this way, Igarashi’s considered approach is one that stimulates the body and mind, generating energy and emotion.

Wata Igarashi JP Flow

"Flow" is a special live performance by Wata Igarashi that uses the d&b Soundscape system to create an immersive experience. The audience bathes in sounds, with speakers arranged in a large circle on the floor of the venue. As if sitting in the center of an orchestra, the listener can experience the distinct sounds coming from the synthesizer oscillators Igarashi is controlling, with each speaker assigned a different output. This creates a unique space that allows the audience to explore the sounds, to recognise and feel how the different parts come together to create the whole. Like a river, the name “Flow” captures the open, natural progression of the music that Igarashi is composing. Building on the first two ambient releases on his ‘WIP’ Bandcamp label, this will be the live debut of his ‘Flow’ project.