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Lemna & Kaori Yasunagajp

Lemna & Kaori Yasunaga<sup>jp</sup>
Lemna & Kaori Yasunagajp
Nocturne 1

12.10 | 6:30 pm

Japanese native Maiko Okimoto, also known as Lemna, is a composer/producer based in Tochigi, Japan. After she studied music production and sound engineering at the academy, she began her musical journey in 2006 in the most unlikely of ways - as an MC for D&B DJ's in Tokyo under the name of Key. Following a natural progression as a recorded vocalist, she began to experiment with production even more deeply. Stylistically starting as D&B hybrids, Lemna's music grew into a totally robust, unique sound, equal parts ambient and techno with a rhythmically experimental approach defining the bulk of her work. She signed with Berlin based label: Horo in 2016, and debuted her first live performance as Lemna entitled “Sediment” at Berlin Atonal in 2017. Maiko tries to find out the beautiful ratio to frame the moment of the constantly changing dynamic world and express it on a time axis, while hovering between regularity and irregularity, which is like order and chaos, artifact and nature, intellect and emotion, or conscious and subconscious. She is always trying to find a balance in them, not to split them in a dualistic way.

Born in Tokyo in 1998, Kaori Yasunaga is a Japanese video artist, filmmaker, musician and vocalist. With the background in traditional filmmaking and animation, the core of her artistic practice lies in the nature of cinema, to tell a story by concentrating the vision to certain elements of the world, by cropping and framing the world and hiding everything else that is outside the frame. Her artistic approach is that of making a collage, to create an alternative universe by mixing elements and traces of the world in the way that is not possible in real life.
Her newest animated film “Ukine-Shima: Island Afloat Asleep” received best animation award in three international film festivals in Rome, New York and in Munich.