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Saskia, Kana Kitty & Yumi Sagara, Hitoshi Satojp

Saskia, Kana Kitty & Yumi Sagara, Hitoshi Sato<sup>jp</sup>
Saskia, Kana Kitty & Yumi Sagara, Hitoshi Satojp
Nocturne 1

12.10 | 6:30 pm

Saskia expresses the unclear phenomena by producing music and makes her sound to understand the role of a body under her concept “Sound to _____ this magnificent cell”. She also searches for the influence which languages give humans with a perspective as sound through her experience of writing for 7 years. She plays with her alternative live set at the leftfield electronic music parties and festivals. In 2020, her work spread to the production of installations. She directs some spaces with various media - sound, smell, light, word - in the gallery and the club to move people. This experimental swimming between music and art improves her attitude and style of creation. All she does is for the possibility of Sound.

Kana Kitty
was born in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated from the Art course of Aoyama Gakuin Women's Junior College. Kana started dancing by herself without any teachers to quest on the journey for her own movement. She does both solo performances, and often collaborates with musicians and various artists. Touring internationally, Kana has performed in France, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Vietnam and lceland. In 2015, she started acting in theaters, on TV shows, and in films.

Yumi Sagara
is a Butoh dancer. She went to New York with the help of dancers Eiko and Koma to study various dances. After returning to Japan, she went to the Kazuo Ohno Butoh Institute and studied Butoh with Kazuo and his son Yoshito. She studied under Oikawa Hironobu. Currently she is the director of the dance company White Dice. She is currently expanding her physical expression by collaborating across artistic genres.

Hitoshi Sato
is a lighting director. She has been involved in various scenes of artists' works such as installation, dance, and photography/video, focusing on the design of light in spaces with music.

Saskia, Kana Kitty & Yumi Sagara, Hitoshi Sato JP Lowe

When I think of the universe, I somehow find myself returning to my inner world. The inner and outer worlds seem to be disconnected at first glance, but I think the harm is created by human perception. Nevertheless, the human greed to touch the truth with eagerness has flowed outside the given physical space.

The avant-garde art of Dark Butoh, which was born in 1961, will portray the illusion and chaos of contemporary thought while connecting its spirit to the ground. If there is a fact that we have forgotten, it may be the existence of life that has slipped out of our sight as we fulfill our lives in this way. I hope that the spatial work "Lowe" will reconfirm such existence and serve as an alarm to the body functions that are usually dormant.