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Digi Lab 1 - TouchDesigner

Digi Lab 1 - TouchDesigner
Digi Lab 1 - TouchDesigner

Saturday, December 11, 2021
9:30 am_5:00 pm

Shibuya CAST


(taxes and fees included)

TouchDesigner workshop co-sponsored by MUTEK.JP and Derivative will take place at Cast.Space in Shibuya this year. The workshop is aimed at intermediate to advanced users of TouchDesigner software, and will feature the following three creators from the TouchDesigner community in Japan as instructors, who will share their content creation expertise in each session. The workshop will be conducted entirely in Japanese and is limited in number of participants.

Takashi Kawamura
is a 3D CG designer working at 1→10. He mainly develops interactive content but also VJs and produces videos under the name of Tsumiki Room.

Session.1 - Pixel Replace technique

Ryo Kanda operates under the name of Kezzardrix. With expressions that make full use of DCC tools and programming, he creates concert videos, music videos, and VJs for various artists.An active member of backspacetokyo and INT of HIP LAND MUSIC, he also belongs to various groups such as VJ unit HEXPIXELS with Satoru Higa, audiovisual glitch jazz band SjQ ++, and black metal band VMO. He also works as a support programmer for interactive works such as installations, digital signage, app development, and stage performances. His mascot character is Kezadori.

Session.2 - Playing with attributes

Ken-ichi Kawamura
is a creative director and media artist. After working as an art director and interaction designer, he joined Isobar Japan (currently Dentsu Digital). He is engaged in the production, creative direction, design and development of creative x technology. He authored and released the book called "TOUCHDESIGNER Bible for Visual Creators" in 2020.

Session.3 - Automatic translation tool using translation API

For more information, please follow the link below.

Information and registration

MUTEK - Event Placeholder