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Digi Lab 2 - Ableton

Digi Lab 2 - Ableton
Digi Lab 2 - Ableton

Sunday, December 12, 2021
1:00 pm

Shibuya CAST


Ableton Workshop, which is co-sponsored by Ableton and MUTEK.JP, will be held at Space, in Shibuya Cast.

Many tools for making music are now available to use, irrespective of hardware or software. However, even though there are more choices making the world more convenient, the act of creating something has not necessarily become easier. In order to demonstrate creativity and expand the range of expression, not only tools are required, but also the skills and ideas for handling them. This is the reason why Ableton not only develops tools, but also provides content that supports the creativity of all kinds of expressive people. The MUTEK.JP Digi Lab 2021 program is exactly one such initiative. This year, we will support creativity from the three perspectives of technology, education, and ideas.

"Make your own Original MIDI Controller", is a hands-on workshop by Ableton certified trainer Ayako Okamura, to deepen your understanding of MIDI, which has now become technology that is essential for music production. Whilst being aware of how it can be used and its operability, you can make your own MIDI controller which will be the only one like it in the world. In "Inspire the Classroom -Announcement of the 2022 Ableton Certification Program", which focuses on supporting music education that incorporates music technology, we have invited educators to make suggestions about how they think new music classes should be, and to introduce existing case studies and ways of incorporating music technology. Details on Ableton's certified trainer program that is set for next spring will also be made clear...In addition, one of the popular programs, "Truck Deconstruction", will feature Shin Sakiura. He will exhibit his own production files on the Live screen, and explain the process of creating music and his thoughts at the time of production.

Participation in both programs is free. Inspire the creativity of expressive people through the sharing of skills and ideas.

1, Make your own Original MIDI Controller: 15 people
(Participation at the venue only) URL for Advanced registration: TBA

2, Inspire the Classroom - Announcement of the 2022 Ableton Certification Program: 50 people
URL for advanced registration for participation at the venue: TBA
Streaming URL: TBA

3, Truck Deconstruction: 50 people
URL for advanced registration for participation at the venue: TBA
Streaming URL: TBA

*You can also participate online in "Inspire the Classroom -Announcement of the 2022 Ableton Certification Program" and "Truck Deconstruction".

*When participating at the venue, advanced registration is required for each program category. Also, the number of people who can participate will be restricted.

MUTEK - Event Placeholder