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Nocturne 2 - Premiere JP

Nocturne 2 - Premiere JP

Saturday, December 12, 2020
6:30 pm GMT+9

¥1050 / $10

(taxes and fees included)

The core program of each edition Nocturne will return to Shibuya Stream Hall for two nights of audiovisual experimentation on Friday, December 11th, and Saturday, December 12th.

After a groundbreaking performance in 2019, Akiko Nakayama returns to MUTEK.JP for a fresh collaboration with pianist Eiichi Sawado premiere on Saturday, December 12th. The fusion of Sawado’s acoustic music explorations and Nakayama’s organic paint-based visual art will make for an impactful counterpoint to the digital experiences of Nocturne 2. Experimental and improv legend Jim O’Rourke will join forces with long-time collaborator Eiko Ishibashi to present a rare live collaboration. Then, up-and-coming techno producer Yuri Urano is joined by Manami Sakamoto for the premiere of a new transcendental audiovisual project. After an impressive Buchla performance last October, Korean artist machìna will return to the MUTEK.JP stage with a special electric surprise at hand. They will be joined by the duo Neutral consisting of Kanto-based producer Fumitake Tamura and a true pioneer of the Japanese electronic music scene AOKI Takamasa. Their beat project Neutral explores rhythm variations at the intersection of techno and hip hop blending the genres together to form a unique minimal sound.

MUTEK.MX 4 - Premiere JP
We bid farewell to our presence in this hybrid edition with expressionism, digital architecture and ethnographic journeys

Saturday, December 12, 2020

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