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Connect MUTEK.ES - Premiere MX

Connect MUTEK.ES - Premiere MX

Saturday, December 12, 2020
12:30 pm GMT+9

¥1050 / $10

(taxes and fees included)

Barcelona's MUTEK branch spared no effort to curated a program of 4 ground-breaking performances as part of the Connect MUTEK.ES showcase. Mexico-born, Catalunya-based sound artist and MUTEK regular Murcof returns to the virtual stages with the premiere of a new audiovisual performance in collaboration with visual artist Sergi Palau. The duo Tarta Relena consisting of Marta Torrellla and Helena Ros will enshroued the audience in the thunderous and progressive sounds of Gregorian folk music. Hailing from La Garriga in Barcelona, the band Balago, which is known for their unconventional genre-defying style, will showcase the works of their most recent album release. Concluding classical pianist and techno producer Francesco Tristano will yet again showcase his musical finesse in the virtual adaptation of his Pianorig performance.

The performing artists are joined by Spanish digital artist Alba G. Corral in the virtual gallery, where she presents her two artworks By the Sea and Continuum.

The Connect MUTEK.ES program is made possible by the generous support of ICEC (Generalitat de Catalunya), ICUB (Ayuntamiento Barcelona), and Estrella Damm.

MUTEK.MX 3 - Premiere MX
The corporality of Nohbords & AA, the downtempo sound explorations of Jiony & Sabme and the recontextualized new age of Wasted Fates & Future Forward

Saturday, December 12, 2020

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