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Saturday, December 25, 2021
2:00 pm_8:00 pm


(taxes and fees included)

In collaboration with KYOTO STEAM - World Cultural Exchange Festival, MUTEK.JP has launched the art project "NAQUYO - Heian-kyo's Visionary Universe -" in October 2020, creating a soundscape of Heian-kyo 1200 years ago by combining the latest technology with cultural research cultivated in Kyoto.

As the culmination of the two-year project, we will hold an event "NAQUYO Immersive Sound Live Performance" on 25 December 2021, and the installation "NAQUYO Immersive Sound Installation" on 23 and 24 December at Rohm Theatre Kyoto South Hall.

The live performances include a new collaboration between ambient composer Kazuya Nagaya and sho player Katsuhiko Orii, and a duo formed by audiovisual artist Junichi Akagawa and dancer nouseskou.

They use new sound sources to imagine Heian-kyo, including Buddhist bells from temples in Kyoto, Tendai Shomyo (Buddhist chanting) and natural sounds from Tadasunomori Forest.

The sound installation, on the other hand, adopts the latest three-dimensional sound system to virtually re-create the sound space that would have once enveloped Heian-kyo. The spatial composition is created by NAQUYO project member/artist - Kazuya Nagaya for sound and Junichi Akagawa for visual.

NAQUYO Immersive Sound Live Performance

Date and time:
Saturday 25 December 2021, 14:00 - 16:00
Saturday, 25 December 2021, 18:00 - 20:00

Kazuya Nagaya (Music) + Katsuhiko Orii (Shō“笙”)
Junichi Akagawa (Music, Visual) + nouseskou (Dance, Dramaturg)

【NAQUYO's past activities】

22 October - NAQUYO #1 オンライントーク&ライブ
19 December - NAQUYO #2 オンライントークプログラム

27 March - NAQUYO #3 Live Performance
28 March - NAQUYO #4 Audiovisual Workshop
22 October - NAQUYO #5 オンライン・トークプログラム
6 November - NAQUYO Creative Workshop -音楽制作ワークショップ-
14 November - NAQUYO Creative Workshop -映像制作ワークショップ-
23 & 24 December - NAQUYO Immersive Sound Installation
25 December - NAQUYO Immersive Sound Live Performance

9 March- NAQUYO #7 オンライントーク「平安京の幻視宇宙 総集編」

Immersive art experience "ETERNAL Art Space"

Saturday, March 12, 2022

11:00 am_9:00 pm

Panasonic Center Tokyo

MUTEK - Event Placeholder