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Global Night Museum

Global Night Museum
Global Night Museum

Monday, November 2, 2020
6:00 pm_9:00 pm

Ikebukuro Nishi-guchi Park


東京都豊島区がアートでコミュニケーションをとるプロジェクトGlobal Night Museumにて、MUTEK.JPが5アーティストによる映像作品をキュレート。11/2~5、8の期間に池袋西口公園のGLOBAL RINGにて上映。さまざまなコンセプトをもとに創られた以下の5作品は、クリエイターたちの個性と多様性が豊かに表現された作品です。

#001 "Colure" Synichi Yamamoto & Corey Fuller

The rhythm of nature, the orbit of the planets, the coming and going of people. Various colures inter modular to spawn the present, this work is a collaboration between musician Corey Fuller, who has released numerous stunning ambient music opuses, and media artist Synichi Yamamoto, who has presented many video works in Japan and abroad Video and the sounds of differing colures will resonate to create a richly quiet space in the middle of the city.

#002 "CLAIR DE LUNE" Akira Wakita & Isao Tomita

Under the theme of "CLAIR DE LUNE", a collaboration that transcends Isao Tomita and Akira Wakita are realized. The magnificent 4ch synthesizer sound and delicate simulation images create a fantastic time of 5 minutes and 50 seconds. The light generated by the sun reaches the moon a few minutes later, reflects off its surface, and reaches our eyes. When we look at the moon, we see this magnificent phenomenon. The film tells us that the obvious things around us are actually threatening.

#003 “Revolve” Kezzardrix + kafuka

"Revolve", like the rotation of the planets or the orbit of the solar system, moves the entire world. It causes the transition between day and night and the seasons to change, showing the hidden side of things, a world that overlaps It is reminiscent of the presence of Also, "Revolve" has a "powerful center". The "powerful center" creates a lively place for people and things to gather. The artists have created a music of overlapping loops, polyrhythms and cross-rhythms, and a parallel world and the images surrounding its center to represent "Revolve”.

#004 “RAIN FOREST” Akiko Nakayama

Even the wiring of the buildings, the houses, and the hustle and bustle that people make are all new-natural.Melting with the heat of the city, like all organic shapes and the air of the jungle full of light, sound, and heat, Isn't the town one big painting? Moisturize and spice the new cityscape for your few minutes during waiting for your friends or looking up for a walking direction.

#005 "Little Things" Manami Sakamoto × SAKURA TSURUTA

The perceptual and sound-visual effects of a completely different direction are used to express the fluctuation of the heartbeat caused by the difference between respect and wonder.Flares of beauty and warmth are remembered in a fan-like fashion and the juxtaposition of emotions as invisible. It unravels and expands into infinity.

Creative Director: Jun Nishida (Drill-inc.)
Technical Producer: Keisaku Ibuki (Drill-inc.)
Producer: Taki Oishi (Nomadic TOKYO)
Artist curators: Shuichiro Iwanami / Junichi Takekawa (MUTEK.JP)

MUTEK - Event Placeholder