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Edition 7

The 7th Edition of MUTEK.JP took place from December 7 to 11 in Tokyo with the support of the Agency for Cultural Affairs as part of the “2022 Strategic Arts and Culture Creation Promotion Project”. After two years of hybrid programming joining Japanese artists in the physical with international collaborations in the virtual realm, this 7th Edition saw a return of international performers to the festival stages in Tokyo. A total of 47 artists from 10 different artists presented a total of 30 performances across 10 venues.

This 7th Edition also marked the arrival of the professional MUTEK.JP Pro Conference. Hosted at Shibuya Scramble Hall, the conference explored the most recent developments in digital creativity including Artificial Intelligence, XR & Immersive Media, Web 3 & the Metaverse, and the Future of Festivals.

The scale of the event was larger compared to the 2020 and 2021 editions, which were held as hybrid events during the pandemic — the five-day festival was set mainly in Shibuya, Tokyo taking place across 8 different venues. Experimental electronic music, audiovisual works, creativity involving AI, new media art, and multidisciplinary approaches were the themes that intermingled every day in a program where every aspect of the vibe, sound, and artistic character created a trajectory of memorable moments. The festival as a whole succeeded in delivering a unique journey. A variety of audience members attended, from lovers of dance music to those who enthusiastically appreciate live performance, and the positive effect of featuring artists from abroad was spread all around.

As with every year, it's worth noting new experiences: this year there were world premiere performances, debut performances in Japan, first collaborations between artists, veteran performers showing their accelerated craft, and experimental performances by up-and-coming artists selected by MUTEK.JP’s annual open call. Speaking of novel approaches, the Pro Conference event featured a variety of engaging talks by unique experts on the themes of XR, AI, the Metaverse, and more; the use of new venues and the hosting of VR exhibitions, as well as the expansion of cooperative workshops with brands, companies and universities, were popular and well received. In terms of challenges, after this year's event it's clear that it will be necessary to consider the creation of a venue space with more concern for the audience, the balance between the size of the venue and the number of attendees, and the approach to younger attendees.

Finally, as with last year, the festival was held as a "2022 Strategic Arts and Culture Creation Promotion Project" commissioned by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, which led to opportunities for the growth of our organization as one of the results of the recognition and acceptance by the government.

Edition 7 by the numbers

  • 6 days, at 8 venues in Tokyo
  • Total number of attendees: 4,583
  • 30 performances in 7 programs
  • 5 works presented in the XR exhibition
  • 5 workshops and 12 talks
  • 26 local Japanese artists and 21 foreign artists participated
  • 19 local Japanese experts and 11 foreign experts participated
  • Among the participating artists, 36% were women, 62% were men, and 2% were non-binary
  • Among the participating presenters, 40% were women and 60% were men
  • Support from 18 partner companies, administrative and cultural institutions

MUTEK.JP Edition 7 archive page

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