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November 26, 2023
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MUTEK.JP Pro Conference in collaboration with Mawari

Pro Conference Key Visual

MUTEK.JP, the electronic music and digital arts festival scheduled to take place this December, will feature a collaborative event with Mawari, a leading provider of a renowned 3D/XR Content Streaming Platform. This collaboration, named the 'MUTEK.JP Pro Conference in collaboration with Mawari' is set to take place from December 9th (Saturday) to 10th (Sunday), 2023.

Simultaneously, the 'MUTEK.JP Pro Conference in collaboration with Mawari' will coincide with an innovative audio-visual live performance showcase at SpotifyO-EAST and WOMB from December 7th (Thu) to 9th (Sat). This conference will delve into cutting-edge technologies like XR, AI, and WEB3, exploring themes related to digital creation and enhancing experiential value. The program encompasses an XR exhibition, an inclusive international conference, workshops, and more, spread across three floors (4F, 5F, 6F) within SHIBUYA STREAM Hall.

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6F Main Hall: Mawari & MXR present Immersive Program

Crafted by the renowned choreographer and visual artist Hiroaki Umeda in collaboration with MXR , the world’s first mixed-media immersive XR installation “assimilating XR” will be held in the main hall on the 6th floor of SHIBUYA STREAM Hall.

Here, you will be transported into an awe-inspiring universe, crafted through a seamless melding of contemporary dance, avant-garde digital art, and the revolutionary power of MR (mixed reality) technology.

This exhibition leverages the revolutionary MXR visual art tool to create unprecedented choreographed visuals. Powered by Mawari Network's Core XR streaming technology, it results in a never-seen-before pioneering experience that reshapes the landscape of immersive art.

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5F Foyer: Conference Program

On December 9th (Sat), an engaging talk event ,MUTEK.JP Pro Conference 2023, centered around digital creativity and focused on key topics like XR, AI, and WEB3 is set to take place at the 5th Floor Foyer. Esteemed figures will join artists, creators, technicians, experts, and companies in coming together for insightful panel discussions, keynotes, and presentations. These sessions aim to foster exploration at the crossroads of cutting-edge technology and art, examining the community's roles, potentials, and challenges.

On December 10th (Sun), VIE Inc., dedicated to advancing next-generation wearable in-ear EEG devices and the societal integration of neurotechnology, will organize an extensive conference program in partnership with Ableton. The event, titled 'VIE presents “Neuro Music - Dive into your brain,”' encompasses a range of activities, including workshops, talk sessions, live performances, and more. As part of the morning program on the 10th, there is a slated workshop featuring the innovative creator tool 'MXR,' specifically designed for music and creative audio-visual projects. This marks the introduction of MXR to Japan as a cutting-edge tool for the evolution of concert visuals in the next generation."

4F Entrance Hall: XR Program

At the 4th Floor Entrance Hall, two immersive experiences will be presented featuring the latest MR content powered by Niantic's AR development platforms, “Lightship ARDK” and “8th Wall.” These experiences showcase 'GOFL by Liquid City' and 'Magical Forest by Designium.'

In collaboration with MUTEK.JP, the XR project and community NEWVIEW will present the XR piece “Humarium.” Created by Tomoro Kinoshita, a finalist of the global NEWVIEW AWARDS 2022, this exhibition offers a dual-viewing experience.

On top of that, the “MTUEK Immersive Collection,” a pioneering category of audio-visual art utilizing state-of-the-art XR technology and produced by MUTEK Montreal, will unveil three new VR pieces, building on the success of last year's release.

MUTEK.JP Pro Conference in collaboration with Mawari

Dates: Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th December, 2023
Time: 10:00-19:00
6th Floor Main Hall “assimilating XR”: ¥3,000
5th Floor Foyer “MUTEK.JP Pro Conference 2023,” “VIE presents Conference Program,” “Neuro Music - Dive into your brain”: Free
4th Floor Entrance Hall: “GOFL by Liquid City,” “Magical Forest by Designium,” “NEWVIEW “Humarium” Tomoro Kinoshita,” “MUTEK.JP Immersive Collection”: Free

Organiser: MUTEK Japan AC, Mawari Co., Ltd.
Collaborator: Niantic, VIE,Inc. Derivative - TouchDesigner, Ableton Co., Ltd., Roland Co., Ltd., Prism Co., Ltd., Sony PCL Inc., TOKYO ONKEN, NEWVIEW, MXR and Shure
Special Collaborator: SHIBUYA STREAM
Institutional and Government Partners: Shibuya City, Gouvernement du Québec,
Grant Support: Arts Council Tokyo

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