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November 2, 2022
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MUTEK.JP announces second wave of 8 artists for its 7th edition


The seventh edition of MUTEK.JP invites for 5 days of audiovisual spectacle across 4 venues in the heart of Tokyo, Shibuya. From Wednesday, December 7 to Sunday, December 10, the festival will present 6 performance programs at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA, Shibuya Stream Hall, Spotify O-East, and an all-nighter at WOMB. 8 new acts will join the existing lineup of 25 artists, for a total of 33 confirmed performances.

BunBun CA/QC
Luna Woelle & Risako Nakamura & tibslc - Supported by NEWVIEW CYPHER SL+US/JP+DE
Reo Anzai & Santa Naruse JP
YOSHIROTTEN & TAKAKAHN feat. Baku Hashimoto JP
Occa JP
Priori CA/QC
Risa Taniguchi JP

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Multidisciplinary artist NSDOS, who is also called "the hacker of techno", will return to Japan for the first time since his groundbreaking performance at the Digital Choc x MUTEK.JP event in 2019. His performance at Shibuya O-EAST on Saturday, December 10, explores a radical new synthesis of dance and technology, exploring machinic hacking, motion sensing, and creative coding. Montreal-based visual artist BunBun brings their unique style of brightly saturated and beat-synced holographic textures for a one-off collaboration with electronic musician Kopy to Play 2 at Shibuya Stream Hall on Friday, December 9. On the same day, famed visual artist YOSHIROTTEN will debut his first ever audiovisual performance in collaboration with band mate TAKAKAHN from the project YATT, and video support by Baku Hashimoto from INS Studio.

Yet again, the MUTEK.JP open call for young creators yielded two exceptional performance proposals, which will premiere at this year's festival. Proposed by digital artist Luna Woelle, fashion designer and writer Risako Nakamura, and Leipzig-based musician tibslc, "Robots of Love" is a conceptual work that combines music, dance, 3DCG animation and AR. Member's of Nao Tokui's Computational Creativity Lab at Keio University, the duo consisting of musician Reo Anzai and visual artist Santa Naruse will present the audiovisual performance "Afflatus Spectrum", a collaboration between AI and humans.

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For its all night program MUTEK.JP renews its long-standing collaboration with famed Tokyo club WOMB in Shibuya. The event will take place on Saturday, December 10. The main floor will see the arrival of a special live set by Priori, a mainstay of Montreal's underground techno scene. He will be joined by a live set of local techno aficionado Risa Taniguchi, who made her live debut at last year's MUTEK.JP. Closing the night will be Occa, who has risen to become one of Japan's top DJs in recent years. On the 4th floor, the MUTEK Soundsystem bringing together the sound from MUTEKs across the globe will take over all night long.

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NSDOS credit Frédérique Ménard Aubin Mutek 0785
VJ Bunbun
Luna Risakotibslc
Reo santa
Priori 9 1 Tiana Mc Laughlan
IMG 1958 Modifier 3 Risa Taniguchi
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