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September 27, 2022
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MUTEK.JP Edition 7: First wave of 25 artists confirmed

MUTEKJP22 1st lineup landscape

From 7th to 11th December 2022, MUTEK.JP reconvenes in Shibuya for its 7th edition, showcasing the latest in digital creation and audiovisual performance. Returning to an international edition the festival will restore old and foster new bridges in the digital arts.

This year equally fosters up- and coming talent alongside new media art pioneers, and eclectic performances by performers at: the LINE CUBE SHIBUYA theater, the Shibuya Stream Hall multipurpose venue, and legendary live house Spotify O-EAST.

Tickets are now on sale with the festival passport giving you access to the entire 5-day performance program. Early bird day tickets are on sale for each of the following programs.

Passport & Tickets


Kicking off the festival on Wednesday, December 7th, at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA, A/Visions traditionally focuses on large-scale audiovisual performances, blending innovative technologies, ear-bending sounds, and eclectic visuals. Legendary media artist Ryoji Ikeda will world premiere “ultratronics", which is based on his first original album in 10 years (scheduled for release in December 2022). In addition, Chinese-Canadian artist and researcher Sougwen 愫君 Chung, founder of the London-based studio, Scilicet, will world premiere the live performance of her work Flora Rearing Agricultural Network (F.R.A.N). Through F.R.A.N. Sougwen 愫君 Chung explores plant and machine co-naturality and biomimetic robotics, a work she has been developing over the past few years.

Sougwen 愫君 Chung CN/CA — Flora Rearing Agricultural Network
Ryoji Ikeda JP
ultratronics [live set]

Play 1

With a focus on the latest in AI creativity, Play 1 will take place on Thursday, December 8th, at Shibuya Stream Hall. Empty Vessels by Montreal Life Support & Woulg, is an audiovisual performance that features three independent, AI-controlled cellos on stage; Unsculpt is an AI-driven audiovisual performance by Montreal-based digital artists Myriam Bleau, who returns to MUTEK.JP for the third time. Following, artist and AI researcher Nao Tokui will present the latest rendition of his AI DJ Project: Emergent Rhythm.

Montreal Life Support & Woulg UK/QC+CA/QC EmptyVessels
Myriam Bleau CA/QC
Nao Tokui JP — Emergent Rhythm (AI Generative Live Set)

and more

Play 2

On Friday, December 9th, Play 2, will feature a multifaceted array of audiovisual experimentations. Composer France Jobin, and media artist Markus Heckmann will present their audiovisual performance, Entanglement, which is inspired by quantum physics. In addition, Canadian artist Myriam Boucher will present their A/V performance Littoral, which mixes abstract sounds, with physical objects and light. Local staple Mars89, will get together with the visual artist duo Hexpixels (Kezzardrix and Satoru Higa), for further diving into the audiovisual realm after Mars89’s latest release Vision on Bedouin Records. The final addition to the program is emerging local artist KOPY, a solo project by Osaka-based musician Yuko Kureyama,

France Jobin & Markus Heckmann CA/QC — Entanglement AV
Mars89 & HEXPIXELS JPGoliath Sound System
Myriam Boucher CA/QC — Littoral
Kopy JP Eternal

and more

Nocturne 1

On Saturday, December 10th, Nocturne 1 will invade Spotify O-East with electronic rhythms and eclectic visuals in collaboration with legendary German label Raster. Raster founder Byetone will present the Japan premiere of his audiovisual performance “pulses”. He will be joined by A/V performances from Mieko Suzuki and Claudia Rohrmoser, and the world premiere of the new audiovisual performance "CINEMA BLACKBOX" a collaboration between Kyoka and Shohei Fujimoto. Adding to an already impactful lineup, local rising star machina will join forces with visual artist Ali M. Demirel, mastermind behind Richie Hawtin’s Plastikman and Enter shows, for the premiere of a brand new audiovisual performance.

Byetone DE — Pulses
machìna & Ali M. Demirel KR+TR
Mieko Suzuki & Claudia Rohrmohser JP+AT
Kyoka & Shohei Fujimoto JP — 自己共鳴投影上映開始 CINEMA BLACKBOX

and more

Nocturne 2

The closing day of MUTEK.JP, on Sunday, December 11th, wil feature London-based Japanese vocalist, Hatis Noit, who will return to the MUTEK.JP stages after her first appearance in 2017. Hatis Noit will perform a live set of her latest album, Aura, and collaborate with the visual artist Yuma Kishi who is known for using AI in her works. There will also be the long-awaited first performance in Japan from German producer Pantha du Prince. Pantha du Prince will present his latest work, Garden Gaia, which features organic and mellow rhythmical ambient sound. Moreover, Tokyo-based producer Sakura Tsuruta, who has garnered attention for her varied activities, will collaborate with Canadian visual artist Myriam Boucher for a boundary-pushing audiovisual performance. Canadian producer Pheek, who runs the label Archipel returns to MUTEK.JP after his participation in the inaugural 2016 edition. Closing the 2022 edition, Pheek will collaborate with local visual artist Manami Sakamoto for a final, audiovisual spectacle.

Hatis Noit & Yuma Kishi JP — Aura
Sakura Tsuruta & Myriam Boucher JP+CA/QC
Pantha du Prince DE
Pheek & Manami Sakamoto CA/QC+JP — Terra

and more

Sougwen 2020 flora
09 Ryoji Ikeda Live Set at TFAM 池田亮司現場音樂會 TFAM
MS print mieko suzuki
1026 panthaduprince fredericboudin bw
Hatis Noit Yuma Kishi
Byetone 3 c Béla Bender raster
Kyoka Shohei Fujimoto
26 A0824 main Nao Tokui
Machina Ali M Demirel
Sakura Tsuruta Myriam Boucher
Pheek Manami Sakamoto
FJ MH France Jobin
MLS Woulg

This 7th MUTEK.JP edition takes place as a commissioned project of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, "2022 Strategic Project to Create Culture and the Arts".

Organizer: MUTEK Japan
Commissioned project of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, "2022 Strategic Project to Create Culture and the Arts"
Special sponsor: Tokyu Corporation
With support from: CALQ, Quebec General Delegation in Tokyo

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