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YPY & Kodo + Seiichi SegaJP

YPY & Kodo + Seiichi Sega<sup>JP</sup>
YPY & Kodo + Seiichi SegaJP

YPY is a solo project by Koshiro Hino. He runs the cassette label "Birdfriend," which releases underground musicians' works from Japan and abroad, as well as the label "NAKID," which releases contemporary and electronic music. He is a player and composer for the bands "goat" and "bonanzas." His major compositions include "Virginal Variations," a hybrid orchestra that combines classical instruments and electronic music, "GEIST," a theater performance that mixes numerous speakers and musicians, and "INTERDIFFUSION A Tribute to Yoshi Wada," a composition and performance with sound artist FUJI|||||||||||TA. In 2021, the taiko drumming group "Kodo" performed a collection of 89-minute songs that Hino composed during his one-month stay on Sado Island. The resulting music film, "Shiver," directed by Toshiaki Toyoda, was released.

Kodo is a group that sees infinite possibilities in traditional musical performing arts, especially taiko: a traditional Japanese drum with limitless rhythmic possibilities. They debuted at the Berlin Arts Festival in 1981. Since then, they have given over 7,000 performances in 53 countries and territories around the world. The group also organises 'exchange school performances' with primary and secondary school students, and performs with artists from a wide range of genres. From 2012 to 2016, Kabuki actor Tamasaburo Bando was invited as artistic director. In recent years, they have performed with Sayuri Ishikawa, Miku Hatsune, AI, MIYAVI, etc. In 2019, they performed at the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan and the opening event at the National Stadium. Recently, they have further expanded their activities by collaborating with the Yomiuri Giants and contributing to the music for the online game 'Harakami'. In 2021, they will celebrate their 40th anniversary.

The collaboration between YPY and Kodo began with their performance as 'YPY x Kodo x Kim Duk-Soo' at Earth Celebration Festival in 2019, followed by a double starring role in the music film 'Shiver' in 2022. Then in 2023, they performed together as 'YPY x Kodo x Tadahiro Ishihara' at Galaxy Art Festival and SPECTER event at Kyoto METRO. At MUTEK.JP 2023, three members from Kodo will be performing with YPY : Kenta Nakagome, Yuta Sumiyoshi and Masayasu Maeda.

Seiichi Sega was born in 1985 in Kanagawa Prefecture. After experiencing 3DCG work at Omnibus Japan, Seiichi joined PARTY in 2020. He creates motion graphics involving the development and implementation of high-end CG that uses physical simulation as an abstract approach to achieve expressions different from photorealism. Seiichi also participates in the visual development of "WIRED Design Generator", which uses algorithms of natural phenomena. In addition, as a member of the creative label "superSymmetry", Seiichi visualises scientific data and philosophy, collaborates with traditional arts, and creates art installations. He is active in art festivals in Japan and abroad and has exhibited in Canada, Mexico, Belgium and Saudi Arabia.