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Reo Anzai & Santa NaruseJP

Reo Anzai & Santa Naruse<sup>JP</sup>
Reo Anzai & Santa NaruseJP

Reo Anzai is a Japanese-born musician. He creates electro-acoustic music and sound installations based on his research of human physicality in sound and space, and explores the possibilities of ambient music from a spatial aspect. He also collaborates with filmmakers, providing music for animation and film works.

Santa Naruse is a visual artist born in 2000. He has been working on audio-visual and installation projects while exploring visual expression that combines real-time rendering technology and machine learning technology. He is a member of Computational Creativity Lab, Nao Tokui Laboratory, Keio University SFC.

Reo Anzai & Santa Naruse JPAfflatus Spectrum

"Afflatus Spectrum" is an audiovisual performance by a human and artificial intelligence (AI). The sounds are performed by a human and the images by AI. In real time, AI generates visual notation, or images that express sounds. A human interprets the generated visual notation and plays sounds. This sound is then fed back into the AI to generate new visual notation. The repetition of this interaction gives shape to an emergent performance in which the human and AI each provides the other with creative inspiration (Afflatus). The aim is to present a form of co-creation between the actors, blurring the line between whether the AI or the human is the lead actor behind the creativity of the performance.