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Pheek & Manami SakamotoCA/QC+JP

Pheek & Manami Sakamoto<sup>CA/QC+JP</sup>
Pheek & Manami SakamotoCA/QC+JP
Nocturne 2

12.11 | 7:00 pm_12:00 am

Jean-Patrice Rémillard aka Pheek, a native of Montreal, is known for his career as a live electronic musician, his label Archipel and for his audio services engineering studio. He evolves in a subtle amalgam of dub, microhouse and ambient, without ever completely falling into one style or the other. Pheek is a prolific artist: during the pandemic of 2020, he completed four albums. After several tours around the world, Pheek now lives far from the hustle and bustle. There he cultivates a sound maturity of his own and returns to live improvisation. Like a good wine that improves with time, Pheek is today at the top of his art. He never hesitates to explore new avenues, to push sound research to its ultimate limits.

Manami Sakamoto is a VJ and Visual artist based in Tokyo. With dance music at the core of her work as a VJ, she also works in the field of media art, presenting live performances and exhibition pieces as part of collaborative projects with musicians. Through collages of natural textures and digitally produced noise and 3DCG, she explores a wide range of expression based on organic expression and the theme of transformability.

Pheek & Manami Sakamoto CA/QC+JPTerra

This collaborative performance, with the concept Cycle, explores the nature of beauty through the expression of fractal randomness and abstract happenings, focusing on the diverse contrasts between the origins of nature, human emotions and the destruction and regeneration caused by technological evolution.