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Luna Woelle & Risako Nakamura & tibslc - supported by NEWVIEW CYPHERSI+US/JP+DE

Luna Woelle & Risako Nakamura & tibslc - supported by NEWVIEW CYPHER<sup>SI+US/JP+DE</sup>
Luna Woelle & Risako Nakamura & tibslc - supported by NEWVIEW CYPHERSI+US/JP+DE

Luna Woelle is a 21 year old Slovenian 3DCG artist currently based in Tokyo. Graduating from a graphic design high school in Ljubljana she moved to Japan to study Japanese traditional cuisine. With the start of the pandemic she found herself returning to digital art - starting with abstract, organic shapes, moving onto hard-surface modeling and experimenting with 'Imaginary Robotics'. Reacting to her understanding of consumer capitalism and her adapting to the highly convenient life in the technologically advanced metropolis, she creates objects that remind us of robotic apparatuses, but are in fact only material goods without any function or value. The irony brings forward her feelings of shame and dependence on the never-ending cycle of addiction and greediness that ultimately fuel our capitalist society. Using AR technology, she has exhibited her works at P.O.N.D. at Shibuya Parco and Contact Tokyo. She is co-founder, visual curator and manager of the experimental music label / audiovisual platform Mizuha 罔象, as well as a DJ.

Risako Nakamura is an American-Japanese writer and fashion designer. The relationship between her Text and Textile (Fashion designs), is based on the fictional stories, screenplays, poems which are also created by herself. Works vary from stories and costumes combined with her literature, short movies, plays, and dance performances. Most recent work: “A Mother’s Daydream” (2022), 『着物語』(2022).

tibslc is a Leipzig based musician and sound artist. They sculpt hazily ambiguous but meticulously detailed sounds hypersensitive to nanoscopic movements, with blending subtle environmental recordings with processed digital noise and feedback. In 2020, they released their debut EP on Odesa label Kiiberborea. In 2021 their debut album ‘Delusive Tongue Shifts – Situation Based Compositions’ was released, followed by ‘Hypertranslucent’ on Sferic, a Manchester based label, in 2022.

Kana Kitty is a butoh dancer that graduated from Aoyama Gakuin Women's Junior College’s Department of Art. In order to explore her own expression, she started dancing independently without a teacher. She has been invited to art festivals in Japan and abroad, including Scandinavia and Europe, as she has appeared in the movie "Ossan's Love", dramas, DIR EN GRAY "Ochita Koto no Aru Sora" and has had many other MV appearances. In 2021, she will perform at MUTEK, co-perform with techno DJs, and model for apparel brands.

NEWVIEW CYPHER is an art collective that sublimes creatives of all genres, such as fashion, graphics, and music, into XR expressions. Exploring and expanding the future possibilities of XR, with the slogan "Break the Border", we will challenge the creation of a new culture beyond the boundaries of expression forms and methods of expression.

Luna Woelle & Risako Nakamura & tibslc - Supported by NEWVIEW CYPHER SI+US/JP+DERobots out of Love

"Robots, Out of Love" is a tale of incestuous AI robot "malformed children" born in a landfill, and the resulting drama of devastation burned into the lives of humans. The performance will be composed of a contemporary dancer, a 3D animation with elements of AR and original experimental ambient music.

Script, Costume: Risako Nakamura
Director of Art, CG: Luna Woelle
Music: tibslc
Choreography, Performance: Kana Kitty
XR Direction: hacha
Technical Support: Ayako Okamura (ayakooo), Yuki Matsuoka
Produced by: NEWVIEW CYPHER (Discont and Satoshi Muro)