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Kyoka & Shohei FujimotoJP/DE+JP

Kyoka & Shohei Fujimoto<sup>JP/DE+JP</sup>
Kyoka & Shohei FujimotoJP/DE+JP
Nocturne 1

12.11 | 6:00 pm_10:30 pm

Nocturne 1 - Premiere JP

12.11 | 6:30 pm GMT+9

Nocturne 1 - Premiere EU

12.12 | 3:00 am GMT+9

Nocturne 1 - Premiere MX

12.12 | 10:00 am GMT+9

MUTEK.JP - Replay JP

12.13 | 3:30 pm GMT+9

MUTEK.JP - Replay MX

12.14 | 6:30 am GMT+9

Kyoka is a Japanese sound and installation artist, electronic music producer and DJ based in Berlin whose practice is constantly renewed by explorations and experiments. The first female artist signed to the iconic German experimental label Raster-Noton – home to artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, William Basinski and Ryoji Ikeda –, she released her first EP ISH in 2012 on the famed label. Since 2020, she has been experimenting with her ongoing project "New Music Syntax", combining music theory along with neuroscience to shed light on the interactions between sound and emotions.

Shohei Fujimoto is a Tokyo-based media artist that explores from a primitive perspective the perceptual experiences of essential nature. He seeks to precisely capture the data and facts behind a variety of phenomena and shapes. Fujimoto emphasizes the information, abstracts and then complicates it to create a sensorial experience with new properties, where minimal and organic attributes overlap.

Kyoka & Shohei Fujimoto JP自己共鳴投影上映開始 CINEMA BLACKBOX

In this project, the human brain, which is like a black box, is captured objectively as an unknown structure and visualized through sound and visual. MRI data acquisition, brainwave(EEG) acquisition, and reconfirmation of music theory inspired by the brain (new music syntax) - through these processes, the project attempts to show the resonance of the brain and the self by treating the facts that obtains a different perspective from scientist.


Having first collaborated in 2020 with the project density compression, sound artist and producer Kyoka and media artist Shohei Fujimoto teamed up once more with this hypnotic live set.


Shohei Fujimoto presented, in March 2023, the multi-sensory exhibition Invisible Forms at Artechouse, Washington (D.C.) : an immersive installation based on mathematical codes, challenging the viewer's perceptual awareness.