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Desaxismundi & Terminal WolfCA/QC

Desaxismundi & Terminal Wolf<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Desaxismundi & Terminal WolfCA/QC
A/Visions 1(Part 1 / SCREENING)

12.08 | 6:30 pm_7:15 pm

Desaxismundi is a french generative artist and creative developer tirelessly visualizing things thanks to a constantly growing variety of real-time techniques since 2006. His work ranges from graphic/motion/interaction design to projection mapping and massive audiovisual installations. Always at the border between art, sciences and technologies, he gives shades to light and carves emptiness to make chaos and complexity emerge.

Terminal Wolf is a sound artist, composer and sound designer who stepped into the Quebec electronic music scene more than 15 years ago. After studying film, he quickly gravitated towards creating themed multimedia shows which brought him to explore and develop sound techniques for the stage and for art installations.

Desaxismundi & Terminal Wolf CA/QC Inertia

In physics, a body's inertia is the tendency of an object to maintain its speed, to maintain its movement without any external influence. Inertia is in this case an audiovisual and immersive study of the movement, speed, strength and resistance of abstract bodies facing physical and temporary changes of their condition. Fulldome show Inertia makes you enter an environment full of colourful, always moving visuals and accelerating electronic soundscapes.


Terminal Wolf