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Andrew Thomas HuangUS/CN

Andrew Thomas Huang<sup>US/CN</sup>
Andrew Thomas HuangUS/CN

Filmmaker and artist Andrew Thomas Huang crafts hybrid fantasy worlds and mythical dreamscapes. A Grammy-nominated music video director, Huang's collaborators include Bjork, FKA Twigs and Thom Yorke among others. Serving as creative director for Bjork's VR exhibition Bjork Digital, Huang created multiple immersive experiences for the pioneering traveling installation. His films have been commissioned by and exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, NY, The Sydney Opera House and the Museum of Contemporary Art, LA. Inspired by his Chinese heritage and queer Asian mythology and folklore, Huang continues his foray into narrative with his first feature film TIGER GIRL which has received support from Film Independent and the Sundance Institute.

Huang graduated with a degree in Fine Art and Animation from the University of Southern California.

Flesh Nest - Video, 2017

Flesh Nest is a nine-part journey through a digital multiverse imagined by artist-filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang. Inspired by Inferno by Dante Alighieri, The Dark Net by Jamie Bartlett and the works of writer-artist Ingrid Burrington, Huang creates a scrolling video painting that deconstructs the anatomy of Internet infrastructure as a hellish sci-fi virtual landscape. Digital beings scramble over rat’s nest cables wriggling through underground cave systems. Actors shot on blue-screen in rubber suits crawl in front of film equipment left in the frame. Motion captured avatars retain the glitches inherent from the imperfections of the capture process. Flesh Nest imagines the Internet as an abject, physical world of chaos where human behavior merges with data streams: a post-apocalyptic digital purgatory.