YPY is the solo project of Osaka-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Koshiro Hino. Hino plays a central role in the minimalist rock band Goat, as well as operating his own cassette tape label birdFriend.

His unique expressions of highly improvisational live sets with the use of magnetic tape, encompass a wide variety of styles, often with a particular focus on percussive elements, from dance floor friendly techno to much headier and noise experimental excursions.

​YPY performs at the PLAY program at the Fabrica Estrella Damm with the support of the Japan Foundation in Spain.


Japanese multi-instrumentalist and composer, Koshiro Hino.


Experimental techno, Noise


Koshiro Kino keeps himself busy initiating and composing large scale ensemble pieces such as Virginal Variations (2016) and Geist (2018), as well as working and touring internationally with Stefan Schneider as a duo HINOSCH


Barcelona: 2020