Molly has established herself as one of the brightest talents to emerge from the Paris scene in recent years, combining passion, integrity and talent to launch a successful multi-faceted career. Through hard work and dedication to the art of DJing Molly has built up a sterling reputation, investing her spare time and energy into learning how to produce her own music, which has resulted in several key releases with a slew of prestigious labels. Molly also uses her critical ear to A&R, showcasing her ability to seek out and curate fresh music from a range of talented artists, new and old, via her own label. In short, she is a good natured professional all-rounder who embodies the true spirit of house and techno, excelling in every discipline she turns her hand to.

Parallel to her success as a selector, Molly has channelled her love for music into production, transferring her DJ skills to the studio environment effortlessly. Releases with Giegling, Groovement, Yoyaku, Karlovak and more have showcased her impeccable studio skills. Consistent, dynamic, knowledgeable and naturally gifted, Molly is a French powerhouse who is continuously expanding and refining her impressive career trajector.

Molly wil perform live at the NOCTURNE 2 program at Astin on Friday March 6.


Montréal: 2020

Barcelona: 2020