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Ticket Guideline

About tickets

  • Preschool children are not permitted to enter the venue.
  • 18 years and over are permitted to enter Spotify O-East.
  • 20 years and over are permitted to enter WOMB, which hosts late-night events.
  • U25 (discounted tickets for under 25s) customers will be subject to an ID check at the venue. Please bring photo identification to the venue.
  • Door opening and performance times may be subject to change.
  • Refunds will not be granted after ticket purchase, except in the event that the performance on the date and time indicated is canceled due to weather or force majeure.
  • In the event that a program is canceled due to weather or force majeure, tickets will be refunded only within the specified period and in accordance with prescribed procedures.
  • Tickets will not be reissued for any reason, including damage, loss, or forgetting your ticket on the day of the performance.
  • Transfer to a third party, resale for profit, or auctioning of tickets is prohibited.

Request to all participants

  • Early arrival is recommended as the venues will get very crowded before the performances start.
  • Guests are responsible for managing their own personal effects.
  • Issues between guests inside or outside the venue must be resolved between the parties concerned.
  • The organizer will not be liable for any accident or trouble caused by failure to follow instructions and precautions.
  • Controlled exit may be enforced after the performance to avoid congestion when exiting the venue. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • All guests are requested to follow the guidance of venue staff.