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Ticket Guideline

About tickets

■Preschool children are not permitted to enter the venue.

■Door opening and performance times may be subject to change.

■Refunds will not be granted after ticket purchase, except in the event that the performance on the date and time indicated is canceled due to weather or force majeure.

■In the event that a program is canceled due to weather or force majeure, tickets will be refunded only within the specified period and in accordance with prescribed procedures.

■Tickets will not be reissued for any reason, including damage, loss, or forgetting your ticket on the day of the performance.

■Transfer to a third party, resale for profit, or auctioning of tickets is prohibited.

■Personal information registered at the time of ticket purchase may be provided to public agencies in accordance with requests from public health centers and other entities as necessary to trace the route of infection in the event of the spread of COVID-19 among guests. Thank you for your understanding.

Please read before purchasing your ticket

▼The following persons will not be permitted to enter the venue on the day of the event, even if they have purchased tickets

- Persons who fail to cooperate with temperature checks when entering the venue

- Persons with suspected COVID-19 symptoms, such as a fever (37.5°C or higher or 1°C or higher above normal), cough, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, and malaise

- Persons who have visited countries or regions where the government has imposed entry restrictions or requires a period of observation within the past two weeks, and those who have had close contact with residents of such countries or regions

- Persons who are currently positive for COVID-19 (those who are under medical care and observation following a positive test and have not yet been certified as having "fully recuperated" by a public health center)

- Persons who have been designated as a close contact by a public health center within the past two weeks, or who have a history of behavior (not wearing a mask, contact with an infected person within one meter for more than 15 minutes) that would qualify them as a close contact in cases where the public health center does not perform contract tracing

- Persons whose cohabiting family members or acquaintances have suspected symptoms

Request to all participants

■Early arrival is recommended as the venues will get very crowded before the performances start.

■Guests are responsible for managing their own personal effects.

■Issues between guests inside or outside the venue must be resolved between the parties concerned.

■The organizer will not be liable for any accident or trouble caused by failure to follow instructions and precautions.

■Wearing a mask is recommended.

■Downloading the COVID-19 contact tracing app COCOA is highly encouraged. For more information on the app, please see the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website page.

■Depending on the COVID-19 infection situation, guests may be asked to be seated during the performance.

■Controlled exit may be enforced after the performance to avoid congestion when exiting the venue. Thank you for your cooperation.

■All guests are requested to follow the guidance of venue staff.

About the program

The programs will be held within the regulated capacity based on guidelines set out by the venues, local authorities and the organizer to ensure that the audience, performers, staff and all performance-related personnel are thoroughly protected against the spread of COVID-19. Please note that the above guidelines are subject to change depending on the situation, and performance details may be subject to change in accordance with policies set out by the government, local authorities, and other related organizations. Thank you for your understanding.