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Iwakura - World Premiere

Iwakura - World Premiere
Iwakura - World Premiere

Saturday, December 3, 2022
6:00 pm_10:00 pm



Iwakura, the dwelling place of the gods, is an audiovisual performance for the full-dome created by video artist Ali M. Demirel and ambient musician Kazuya Nagaya, inspired by Japanese mythology. The artists take the audience on a profound journey to rediscover the sublimeness of nature through full immersion in the organic visual material depicting the Iwakura rock formations accompanied by meditative ambient sounds rooted in Zen-Buddhist prayer rituals. The project is supported by the Goethe Institut and Miraikan.

The artists thus aim to renew humanity’s inherent connection to nature as a source of inspiration, which often fall to the sidelines in current narratives of scientific progress. Through introducing alternative depictions of the world this project seeks to foster new forms of cross-cultural understanding, which encourage more human-centric modes of progress.

Iwakura - World Premiere

Date: December 3, 2022 (Saturday)
Venue: Japan Science Future Museum (Miraikan)

[Performance 1] Doors 18:00 Start 18:30 Live-set (45min)
[Performance 2] Doors 20:00 Start 20:30 Live-set (45min)

Visual Artist: Ali M. Demirel
Sound Artist: Kazuya Nagaya

Producer: Maurice Jones
Co-produced by: MUTEK Japan Association, Miraikan – The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Residency: Marie Doi - noad (Totsukawamura), Ayumi Suzuki - Cave/Ayumi Gallery (Tokyo)
Drone Advisor: Nozomu Miura - RedDotDroneJapan
AI Advisor: Qosmo Inc.

* Application closed.