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Nocturne 2

12.11 | 6:30 pm

YPY is a solo project by Koshiro Hino, who runs Birdfriend, a cassette label which releases domestic and overseas underground musicians, and NAKID, a label which releases contemporary / electronic music. He is a performer and composer in the bands "goat" and "bonanzas," in addition to his stage work, as part of the hybrid orchestra Virginal Variations, which blends classical instruments with electronic music, he worked as composer and producer of "GEIST," a full-body audio concert that blends numerous speakers and moving performers. Hino is also an active member of the ANTIBODIES collective, established by Toshio Kajiwara and Yoko Higashino, as well as the head of music for the new stage play "Kodoku no Renshu" made by former Ishinha troupe members.

In 2021, the movie "Senritsu Seshimeyo/Shiver" (Director: Toshiaki Toyota), for which he co-wrote a 90 minute piece with Sado Island's taiko performance troupe Kodo, was released. Up until now, his work has been released on EM Records, Workshop, WhereToNow?, Nous, Acido and BLACK SMOKER RECORDS.