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YOSHIROTTEN & TAKAKAHN feat. Baku Hashimoto<sup>JP</sup>

YOSHIROTTEN is a graphic artist and art director based in Tokyo. Born in 1983, he works across a wide spectrum of fields, including graphics, moving images, 3D works, installations and music. Besides his career as an artist in his own right, Yoshirotten also serves as an art director and multidisciplinary designer for diverse clients, his works ranging from artwork for both nationally and internationally known musicians, to graphics for fashion brands, advertising visuals and commercial space design. Yoshirotten has held solo shows in London and Berlin, and in 2018 he mounted a massive exhibition of his works, his largest to date, titled “FUTURE NATURE” held at TOLOT/heuristic SHINONOME in Tokyo.

Baku Hashimoto is a Tokyo based video director, visual artist and developer. Having backgrounds in both digital arts and filmmaking, his projects range from CGI to stop-motion, web and generative arts. By experimenting with various techniques and modes of expression, he explores diverse styles of visual arts. Recently, he has also been working on tool development.

YOSHIROTTEN and TAKAKAHN feat. Baku Hashimoto Beyond the Iridium Sea

This is the first audiovisual live performance by graphic artist YOSHIROTTEN. Together with his partner TAKAKAHN from his music project YATT, YOSHIROTTEN will perform a one-day-only experimental dance set. Baku Hashimoto of INS Studio heads the video production. Focusing on "FUTURE NATURE" landscapes visible in a new light as YOSHIROTTEN's theme, the work takes a journey of several dozen minutes into the core of a neo-Earth, connecting to the initial "RGB PUNK" work of impulse in computer graphics, the "WAVE/Atmosphere" digital clouds drawn with an abstract touch, and the latest project, "SUN." The work expresses an encounter with a new light source that manifests after navigating a sea of iron.