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Luciano Toledo a.k.a Tolch is an audiovisual artist born in Buenos Aires, constantly seeking to explore new possibilities in the field of digital art, crossing areas such as interactivity, machine learning and audiovisual systems.

He is currently creating learning material for the Latino community of Touchdesigner, through tutorials at, where he explains various techniques and knowledge step by step, using different programs so that users can create their own systems and evolve progressively, thus leaving a help on the web for generations of artists to come.

In these years he participated in various events where he had the opportunity to express himself through audiovisual technology, and share knowledge with other people to grow in community. During his journey as a Vj, he shared a booth with artists such as: Len Faki, Magda, Nicole Moudaber, Recondite, Dubfire, Guy J, Marcel Dettmann, Ellen Allien, Marco Bailey, Julian Jeweil, among others.

Today he is researching the field of machine learning applied to digital art. He began to use different algorithms to create art by first teaching him to understand our own art, with techniques that can replicate, recreate and combine styles of works, identify and combine stylistic elements of one image and apply them in another. For the development of his projects, he uses Touchdesigner as the main program, accompanied depending on the occasion by Ableton Live, if he needs to incorporate sound. Also, he is including the use of Unreal Engine in his works, to generate more realistic systems.

Among his outstanding works, he participated in the Big Data Spain conference, creating a facial recognition installation for game control through expressions.