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Team RolfesUS

Team Rolfes<sup>US</sup>
Team RolfesUS

*Profile picture by Tim Saccenti for Setta Studio

TEAM ROLFES is a realtime performance and image house led by Sam Rolfes and Andy Rolfes, specializing in figurative animation, VR puppetry and mixed-reality collage.

The NYC-based studio's practice expresses itself across multiple industries and platforms such as livestream improvisational comedy, live motion-capture animation on large festival stages and in underground rave bunkers, print design for fashion collections, album covers, and music videos.

LadyPecs blasterX - Video, 2018

Strapped to an amalgamated powerlifting mecha machine and driven by a cartoonish hallucinatory audience, a woman reaches Temporary Terminal Transcendent Catharsis (i.e., a fraught nirvana that catalyzes the radiant bloom of her bubbling, evolving musculature).

Originally a work commissioned by Adult Swim's Off the Air series, the animation by TEAM ROLFES explores the concept of "paradise" as finding oneself within the extreme end of self-improvement. Both driven by self motivation and external pressures, the protagonist pushes herself beyond all boundaries, safety measures and human physiology to transform into a new state of being with both surreal beauty and questionable purpose.

Animation: Andy Rolfes, Sam Rolfes, Isiah Den Beste
Music: Sam Rolfes