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Pussykrew creates dreamworlds and situations that are artificial but hyper real, spectacular yet sublime. As directors and artists, they work with film, real-time animation, gaming experiences, immersive environments, where luxury and desolation can live in harmony. With a post-human ethos, Pussykrew traverses the spaces between physical and digital realms, making the familiar alien and vice versa, channeling evolving identities and surreal surroundings.

The duo has collaborated with brands such as Chromat, Adidas, and Burberry and with musicians such as Oyinda, Peaches, Sevdaliza, and Kelela. They both grew up in Poland but first met while they were living in Ireland. Now with a footing in NYC, the nomadic Pussykrew have called numerous international cities their home, from Berlin to Shanghai, throughout the metaverse and beyond.

Xen, Aenima and Nav, AI-powered deities inhabiting the universe, 2021

With - interactive film and gaming series - Pussykrew continues to augment fluid identities and empowering fantasies. Emancipating through new sensual world building, queering digital spaces, channeling human and non-human forces. Each chapter of universe explores hybrid bodies, chimerical materiality, past~future memories, non-binary dreams, primal forces of nature and ritual – as a form of healing and reclaiming the energy.

Pussykrew creates new mythologies, driven by personal-experiences, cross-cultural folklore and speculative fiction. They are trying to find ways of imagining and constructing possible futures and open up new possibilities for alternative narratives.