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Past Video & DeathvoxCZ+DK

Past Video & Deathvox<sup>CZ+DK</sup>
Past Video & DeathvoxCZ+DK

Past was founded in Barcelona in 2014 by Czech media artist Petr Rimsky. Focused on cutting-edge technology and its applications to new artistic forms, this studio project sets itself apart by its generative animated visuals, multi-screen configurations and interactive visual content design for art installations, architecture and events.

Kristian Westergaard, known as Deathvox, is a Danish musician and producer based in Barcelona. His work spans from vast, meditative spheric beauty to post-apocalyptic industrial mayhem.

Past Video & Deathvox CZ+DK C0R3-C0LL4PS3

Core Collapse is a short animated sci-fi movie for fulldome. A frantic ride inside a self-imploding spatial construction. A claustrophobic architectural nightmare defying the limits of psychological storytelling within an immersive audiovisual environment. Experience free fall through shifting structures and ever-changing mutant spaces built in time, and go beyond logic and perception with the latest audiovisual creation from Barcelona-based studio PAST, featuring an impressive sound design by Deathvox.