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Bárbara Oña works as a visual artist-video jockey under the pseudonym Novilunio. Since 2013 she has participated uninterruptedly in different clubs, discotheques, cultural centers, museums, theaters and festivals on various proposals such as concerts, publicity events, plays, Dj/Vj live set, with particular roots in the electronic scene. Her studies at ISA Teatro Colón, her experience as a costume designer, character designer and her journey in art direction have inspired her to intertwine the universe of the performing arts, cinema and opera with video art, transferring textures, shapes, color palettes and theatrical concepts to the digital visual, expanding by this last means the possibilities of dreamlike, geometric and surreal manifestations.

In 2021 she made a visual performance for the UNTREF Sound Art Specialization Residency, at Artlab (Buenos Aires). She also, in the same year, appeared at the Pleamar Museum Festival in Mar del Plata in an AV performance together with Lucas Romeo, and at MUTEK ES+AR together with Artlab. In 2022 she was in charge of Klauss's visual performance in the cycle Artlab LIVE feat. Radio Rea.

Currently, she works and experiments within the world of 3D putting together sets for live performances. She also builds content and animation for different artists, like Klauss.