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Masayuki Azegami & komakinexjp

Masayuki Azegami & komakinex<sup>jp</sup>
Masayuki Azegami & komakinexjp
Nocturne 2

12.11 | 6:30 pm

Masayuki Azegami is an electronic musician, visual artist and designer based in Tokyo, Japan. He specializes in emotive sound expression, incorporating natural sounds to create chaotic yet intoxicating rhythms. In recent years, he has been active in presenting live audiovisual performances and works at art festivals in Japan and abroad.

komakinex was born in Osaka in 1993. He has been interested in many things such as sports, manga, arts and crafts, chemistry, and gradually found his passion for real-time rendering. He is now active as a programmer and a visual artist, and also a corporate warrior of Taki Corporation in Tokyo. On December 11, what will happen to him on his way to the skyscraper in Shibuya? What kind of trials will he face in the tower? Don't miss the epic ending under lights from heaven!

Masayuki Azegami