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Manami SakamotoJP

Manami Sakamoto<sup>JP</sup>
Manami SakamotoJP

She has performed as a VJ at Awakenings Festival" (Amsterdam), "NOT YET FREE(New York), "Zouk Out" (Singapore), and many other festivals abroad. In Japan, She performed as a VJ at Fuji Rock Festival and also did the concept visual for Fuji Rock Festival 19.She has also performed at festivals such as "Summer Sonic", "Ultra Japan", "MUTEK.JP" and other festivals and club events in Tokyo. She also participated as a designer for techno DJ Joris Voorn's tour visuals and her own installation at Spree, Berlin's Art Place, and provided visuals for FENDI, Diesel Red Tag x A COLD WALL and others. At the art fair event held at GRADATION Daikanyama, She exhibited the audio-visual installation "Dot by Dot" which synchronized movable LEDs, lighting, music and video.

The work is highly regarded for its borderless view of the world, which is not bound by genre or framework, and for the highly designed images with a spatial effect unique to VJ.