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Kuniyuki & sauce81JP

Kuniyuki & sauce81<sup>JP</sup>
Kuniyuki & sauce81JP

Kuniyuki Takahashi is a music producer based in Sapporo. His music is praised by fellow music producers and DJs around the world for its inimitable characteristics. Some of his hits include "Precious Hall", a tribute to the clubs in his hometown Sapporo, released from Natural Resource led by Joe Claussell; joining 2000 Black by Dego from 4 Hero; a remix of Ananda Project's classic, "Cascades of Colour"; and "Earth Beats" released from Mule Musiq. All of these music were met with overwhelmingly positive reviews by fellow DJs. He has also released many albums, starting with his first album "We are Together" in 2006. "Feather World", released in 2012, featured some musicians from his previous album including Itabashi Fumio, a jazz pianist known for his distinct style, and long-time friend Henrik Schwarz. Together they trailblazed a new world of music. In 2017 he released a compilation album from sound of speed which included collaborative titles with DJ Nature, Vakula, and other overseas artists. Kuniyuki has remixed a number of Japanese music including "Sample" by Sakanaction; Amami Shima-Uta, a type of folk song originating from the Amami Islands, by Asazaki Ikue; and traditional Ainu songs sung by MAREWREW. He recently partook in a compilation project "ACID CITY" by DJ EMMA, which was later performed by DJ Harvey and Gilles Peterson among others. In 2017 he released a new album with Newwave Project. In 2018 Music From Memory, based in the Netherlands, released some of his works from the 80's and early 90's. Kuniyuki has performed worldwide including Japan, Europe, South Africa, Brasil, Mexico, and the United States. His performance style in recent years feature a fusion of dance music and improvisation. In 2019 he co-produced and arranged "894.194" from the album "834.194" by Sakanaction.

A solo project by Japanese music producer, DJ, and beat maker Suzuki Nobuyuki. He has constantly released records from domestic and foreign music labels, including UK's Eglo Records, under the name sauce 81. He is also actively creating music as N’gaho Ta'quia; 77 Karat Gold, a duo with grooveman Spot; a collaborative project with Shing 02; S 8102 and various other groups. His musical border seems limitless as he released the album "Sonkei" with the band Ronin Arkestra led by Mark de Clive-Lowe. He has performed in a number of different venues and festivals since being invited to Red Bull Music Academy. The live performances by SOICHI TERADA, KUNIYUKI, and SAUCE 81, which began in Rainbow Disco Club, present new possibilities of collaborative dance music sessions and are lighting up the dance floors of countries like the UK, France, and the Netherlands. He is also involved in sessions with other DJs, joining in cero's music as a drummer/programmer while also providing remixes to other artists. His ability to build vocal and synthetic loops through various technology makes his funky and soulful live performances a must watch.