SND is the duo of Mark Fell and Mat Steel, the Sheffield-based production team that has developed a thoroughly unique approach to making rhythms resembling the ambient ghosts of techno through the use of contact mics and minimalist techniques.

They first rose to prominence in the late 90s with the debut album, Makesnd Cassette, a severely minimal and yet still warm slab of “intelligent” techno that appeared on the Mille Plateaux label and drastically influenced the direction in which the German electronic avant-garde were heading.

In 2000, Stdiosnd Types appeared and added depth and warmth to their initial template, a trend that continued through to 2002’s Tender Love.

For the years that followed, SND remained fairly reclusive, emerging only for the occasional side project or limited vinyl release, but this year they make a triumphant return with Atavism, their fourth album as SND, which ranks among their best work to date.