Noah Pred has been creating music for around ten years. A product of the Vancouver underground scene, Pred released a number of 12-in EPs in the late 1990s prior to moving to Montreal. Shen is the transliteration of a Mandarin word that, in the Taoist tradition, means “refined energy” or “depth.” It’s also the name under which Pred produces his particular brand of chilled downtempo merged with dub and minimal electro, which is equally effective at getting a crowd moving as it is at provoking sublime headphone trip-outs. Shen saw his early tracks released on the comps Leftcoast Liquid Vol. 1, Floating Point 3 and others put out by Green Samurai Clan, before dropping his first full-length, Outlines, on Native States Records. Outlines is pure Zen bliss, built on atmospheric melodies, often accompanied by the shimmering vocals of Kinnie Starr, and tied to ever-present driving beats. Pred’s home base is now Toronto, where he runs the Metapath Recordings and Sentient Sound imprints.