One of the leading lights of the contemporary German techno circuit, Shed (aka René Pawlowitz) made extremely strong impressions on the international front with his much-lauded 2008 debut album “Shedding the Past”. The album presented one of those rare instances of long-form synchronicity in the techno world. Its eleven tracks perfectly married the producer’s visionary outlook, capturing the zeitgeist of the genre’s futuristic spirit while giving an ever-respectful nod to strains of its half-forgotten past. Active since 2004 with a series of singles on Styrax, Delsin, and his own Soloaction imprint, in 2008 he switched gears and joined the Ostgut Ton label run by founders of the famed Berlin nightclub Berghain. The club’s purist attitude fit succinctly with Pawlowitz’s sonic palette, which had been formed through years of working at the world-renowned Hard Wax record store, heralded by many as the ground zero of electronic music’s vinyl culture. Pawlowitz is also active under a series of other aliases, including EQD, The Panamax Project, STP, and Wax.


Soloaction, Styrax Leaves, Ostgut Ton