Naw is the alter ego of Neil Wiernick, a Montrealer currently in exile in Toronto. As early as 1988, he was exploring audio art and experimental music. A keen interest in sound and technology led to continual refinement of his audio tools and production methods, and experiments with modified instruments and customized software. The result is electronica that can best be described as warm, atmospheric and cinematic. Naw draws on dub-tech as well as contemporary music to create delicate, sparse ambient sounds, occasionally driven by post-house beats. Wiernick’s résumé is impressive, encompassing releases on Noise Factory as well as performances at the Finland Contemporary Museum, ISEA, Subtle Technologies Conference, S.A.T., Medusa Complex, MUTEK and The Music Gallery. He is also a regular contributor to the digital art Web site


Pertin-nce, Noise Factory Records, Paper + Sound