Surely on track to become one of the surprise highlights of this year’s festival, dOP is the next generation of French cabaret-house! Following in the footsteps of MUTEK alumni and fellow countrymen Nôze, this playful trio has already won accolades for their spontaneous stage antics and raunchy take on tuneful, beer-soaked electronics.

dOP is a handful: Clement Zemtsov provides the BPM’s and other programming, Damien van de Sande arrives chockfull of keyboards and horns, and songster Lelli brings it all together with the energizing, tribal lyrics that form the band’s trademark sound. The trio has kept busy since 2007, when they first began releasing records, with no less than eight EP’s to their name on such labels as Paris’ Circus Company (home to Nôze and Dave Aju) and Seattle’s Orac.


Milnormodern Record, Circus Company