A Montreal collaboration between the ever-prolific David Kristian (on synths, sequencers, rhythm programming) and Les Momies de Palerme singer Marie Davidson (on vocals, violin, synths), DKMD’s varied output pulls us into the glamourous world of cosmically charged classic disco. Kristian, who revelled in vintage synthesizers and analog filters at a memorable 2004 MUTEK performance, has been a key figure on Montreal’s electronic music scene for the past 20 years, dabbling in myriad genres and releasing over a dozen albums, in addition to heaps of soundtrack and sound design projects. With DKMD, he and Davidson pay homage to their local disco legends such as Gino Soccio without sounding pastiche. Their forthcoming debut EP On the Other Side is rooted in both old and new technology, with its dark, sensual sound inspired by classic Italo.