Attempting to define Coil is an arduous task that requires weaving together the threads of over two decades of ritual practice, transformation, and musical exploration. Coil's influence and history is integrally woven into the annals of experimental music. John Balance and Peter Christopherson (ex-members of such famous acts as 23 Skidoo, Zos Kia, and Current 93) were a part of the notorious Psychic TV before creating Coil in May of 1983. Inspired by the minimalism of La Monte Young and Alvin Lucier, and creators such as Arvo Part and Nurse With Wound, Coil left their indelible mark on several generations of musicians and listeners. Their musical journeys, oftentimes serene, impulsive, or cinematic, have always subscribed to the counter currents as they ceaselessly open new possibilities that are as timeless as they are modern.