Martin Dumais, alias AUN, has been a mainstay of the Montreal electronic music scene since the 1980s. A well-known producer and DJ, Dumais was also a member of the popular and eclectic electro duo, Les Jardiniers, with Jean-François Charette. After putting Les Jardiniers to rest and DJing throughout in 2006, Dumais created AUN. He has since released six very well received albums for labels like Alien8, Oral and Crucial Blast. AUN is a return to his roots in experimental, noise and ambient music, from which he evolved in the 80s.

Also very prolific live, the open-ended and experimental nature of AUN has given way collaborations with such artists as Oren Ambarchi and Michel Langevin (Voivod). Langevin, who plays at MUTEK_10 alongside Martin Tétreault, is also handling drum duties on the next AUN full-length, one of several new recordings slated for release before year's end. Dumais also currently heads the Montreal Unsound events, a series of left-field concerts that focus on outsider metal, drone, doom, noise and avant-garde music.