When ARP first emerged in late 2007, the project by American analog-synth aficionado Alexis Georgopoulos stood out, marrying an eye–catching prismatic pop art/New Age aesthetic with glowing exercises in coastal analog synth minimalism, appealing to fans of Krautrock, avant pop, cosmic, Balaeric, drone, and those generally inclined towards minimalism. Expansive in scope, ARP’s sonic landscape unfolds like a collection of short stories or filmic vignettes, each piece building upon the other. Whereas 2007’s debut, In Light, was made with only vintage analog synthesizers, The Soft Wave incorporates guitars, piano, flute, and Ebows to create a dense brocade of sound. ARP has shared bills with like-minded artists such as Cluster, Sonic Boom, White Rainbow, Four Tet, Lucky Dragons, Growing, and Wooden Shjips, among others.