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Digi Lab 2: TouchDesigner Workshop

Digi Lab 2: TouchDesigner Workshop
Digi Lab 2: TouchDesigner Workshop

Thursday, December 8, 2022
09:30_17:00 Tokyo time

Shibuya CAST


(taxes and fees included)

Annual TouchDesigner workshop co-sponsored by MUTEK.JP and Derivative will take place at Shibuya Cast Space this year.

TouchDesigner is a visual programming platform designed for all manner of interactive experiences. Its roots were founded in real-time visuals for live performance and today it continues that role for artists in the genre. Through workshops and events, MUTEK and Derivative have worked together to advance the community’s knowledge and skills in TouchDesigner for over a decade, and we are excited to continue that tradition this year.

To better serve the community, this year we will hold 2 separate 1-day workshops.

Please choose only 1 of the workshops to attend.

Workshop 1 🔰

Entry Level - Thursday Dec 8, 9:30-17:00

This workshop is for those who have used TouchDesigner less than 1 year

If you are new to TouchDesigner in the last year, please join us for this workshop aimed at beginners. The introduction of TouchDesigner concepts and techniques will be taught through practical examples.

Workshop 2

Experienced - Friday Dec 9, 9:30-17:00

This workshop is for those who have used TouchDesigner 1 year of more

The assumption is you understand the basic node families, how to navigate the interface, and make connections between operators and parameters in TouchDesigner.

Workshops will be in English and Japanese, translated for both.


This workshop is hands-on and students are required to bring:

  • Windows laptop with Nvidia or AMD GPU, or MacBook 2015 or newer (contact organizer if unsure)
  • TouchDesigner 2022 is required - Download Here. The 2022 version has new system requirements, please confirm you can run TouchDesigner 2022 before signing up for the workshop.
  • Mouse with 2-buttons and scroll wheel is required



Markus Heckmann
Markus Heckmann studied media technology at the TU Ilmenau and the Bauhaus University Weimar, before he started his work as Technical Director at Derivative in 2006.

In his artistic work he combines the aesthetics of generative computer graphics with the physical properties of light. For his performances Markus uses Derivative's TouchDesigner to develop new visual instruments, which allow him to perform live improvised with the music. The visual worlds created in this way are far removed from any representation but bring the medium itself to dream. Colors, shapes and movements draw imaginary spaces that he explores and documents with virtuosity. The work of art is created in the same moment in which it is viewed.

川村崇 / Takashi Kawamura
Tsumiki Room
Designer/Technical Artist
Living in Tokyo and working at 1→10 Co.

He usually works somewhere between design and engineering, while privately researching interactive visual effects. He has participated in Hyper geek @DOMMUNE (Super DOMMUNE), Super Techno Memorial Service x Kogen (Niconico Chokaigi 2022), Futures In-Sight Exhibition (21_21DESIGN SIGHT), etc.

Ben Voigt
Ben Voigt is Product Manager at Derivative where he designs, develops, and deploys TouchDesigner as part of the R&D team. Ben also spends much of his time on education and support to forward people's understanding of TouchDesigner, staying engaged with the community wherever he goes.

Talk Session (Day 2 only)

A collective of experimenters active mainly in Kyoto. Different members gather for each project and search for new expressions. In recent years, they have been creating many works exploring light with the use of LEDs and projectors. In addition, Spektra hosted the music event INTER+ (2019), and actively works on distribution directing music videos for music artists.

MUTEK - Event Placeholder